47 Hours Firearms Training Course for Armed Guards

Currently we have a freeze on Armed Guard training.  We are NOT conducting Armed Guard Firearms training.  This “Armed Guard” page on this website was designed for information pursoses only. Please contact the NYS Department of State, Division of Licensing if you would like to become an Armed Guard. 518.474.4429 or 518.474.7569. Also please visit the NY State approved security guard training school website for a list of approved armed guard schools.

In order to become an Armed Security Guard or an Armored Car Guard in NY State, you MUST take the 47 hour Firearms Course. Upon successful completion of the 47 Hour Armed Guard Course you must apply for your Armed Guard or Armored Car Guard License from NY State Division of Licensing Services.

You must also take the 8 hour pre-assignment course to apply for your security guard license.

GLOCK21 is the .45 auto American legend gun.

New York State Law requires possession of a current NYC or NYS handgun permit before taking any Firearm courses. No Exceptions!!!!

You may obtain a NYC, Premises / Residence Handgun Permit by clicking on the Application Link Below:


Armed Guard 47 Hour Course:
We were featured in the New York Times where one of our student completed a 47-hour armed guard training course at Blackhawk Security School in the Bronx: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/10/nyregion/10entry.html?_r=1|

The 47 hours Firearms Course covers firearm safety, marksmanship skills, buying and using equipment, cleaning of firearms, storage of firearms, flashlight techniques, use of cover and concealment, reloading techniques, justification of the use of deadly physical force, and basic officer survival skills.

There are two mandatory tests for the 47 Hour Armed Guard Firearms course

1 . Use of force and use of deadly physical force.

2 . Shooting skills, qualification.
Firearm Safety are taught, first in the classroom, and shooting and qualification are conducted at several ranges in NYC and NYS.
Upon successful completion of the 47 hr course a 47 Hour Armed guard Certificate is issued.

You must apply for Armed Guard or Armored Car Guard License from NY State Division of Licensing Services.

8-Hour Annual Firearms Training Course for Armed Guards

The 8-Hour annual armed guard course must be completed each calendar year after completion of the 47-hour Firearms course. There is a three hour refresher on use of force followed by five hours of firearms training on the firearms range.

Please Note:
You must take BOTH the 8-Hour annual firearms course for armed guards and the 8-Hour annual for unarmed guards each calendar year to maintain your Armed Guard or Armored Car Guard license.

There are NO HIDDEN COST. Our school policy is HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.